Monday, August 1, 2011

Ankh tattoo on his finger

    Egyptian Tattoos are seen as well achieve a successful combination of design and meaning, being both decorative and shallow for people who choose to tattoo Egyptian symbols.


    The Egyptian cross is one of the most frequently used Egyptian symbols, along with the eye of Horus and the avatar of September, with a charm representing life, something really important to the ancient Egyptians and their polytheistic religious beliefs.

    This cross represents therefore a healthy and fulfilling life. Gift from the gods to humans, to ensure good health and life on earth as well as in the hereafter, becoming a clear symbol of immortality.

    While there are many symbols of good health, good fortune and good life in general, the Egyptians occupy a more prominent places within these because of the beautiful aesthetics of their symbols.

    Such tattoos are unisex and are often seen in both men and women, although women are often those most acknowledge this ancient culture, and therefore tend to decorate their bodies with their symbols and beliefs.

    The tattoo of the Egyptian picture shows the cross tattooed on the outside of one of his fingers, imitating a ring and giving it a really original aesthetics to the already strong design and meaning that characterizes the Egyptian symbol legacy of the gods.

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Ankh tattoo on his finger

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