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Bulimia in Men

    It was with great interest that I read in the Telegraph UK about the former British deputy prime minister John Prescott and his battle with bulimia. It is good that people in high powered positions finally came out and said he was a sufferer of this disorder is dangerous.

    That is also the title of interest in the online Times says "How can a great man like John Prescott have a girl's disease"?
    Bulimia in Men
    It has always been a big misconception that only women and girls have eating disorders and of course this could not be further from the truth. Although there are more women with the disease than men, does not mean there are more male sufferers out there who have hidden disorders such as Mr John Prescott has.

    Statistics say that there are more women with the disease than men but this is probably because men will not come forward and seek help. It boils down to the fact that men will not tell anyone because of the stigma attached to people with eating disorders, especially men with this problem: this in turn can easily distort the statistics.

    Mr Prescott bulimia laid down by the fact he was under great pressure associated with his work as a member of parliament, long working hours and the only pleasure derived from eating large amounts of food. He stated himself that he is eating large amounts of food and no one ever suspected he was bulimic because she was not thin.

    This is another misconception, you do not have to really thin have bulimia: Mr. Prescott would not stick. I have asked the same question many times by family members of patients who say, but he did not look really thin. My answer again is that you do not have to be thin to be bulimic.

    So why did the man contract disorders such as bulimia? As Mr Prescott said its because of stress and this is certainly one of the key. But it can also be for reasons of work and patient man who started to become bulimic because of their work. We have found people with a lot of male dancers, gymnasts, jockeys, airline steward, male model and many industries where a certain size is a must for the job.

    Most people, who know little about a disease such as bulimia and this includes many journalists, say why they can not just stop: I hope it's as simple as that, but it does not. As Mr Prescott said he had a strange satisfaction from binging and then clean up and all bulimics get the same thing.

    When a person with bulimia purge them gain the release of pleasure hormones endorphins athletes are no different from going after the exercise. This feel good hormones is one reason people with bulimia who continued erratic eating behavior. The problem is the rush they get is very short lived, so they must binge and purge even more. So asking people with bulimia to just stop is like asking a patient to give up non-air breathing: it will not happen.

    Most of the non-sufferers and many others think that you can beat bulimia with logic and by showing how they will stop the error. But again this is the impossibility and can not occur. Mr Prescott and his wife knew for years was wrong and that he was in danger of serious medical problems, but he could not stop. If bulimia is a disease that logically he should be able to stop when he realized that he hurt himself, but he can not.

    This is because bulimia lives in the subconscious mind subconscious mind the patient and does not work on logic, he worked on the feelings and emotions and this is certainly not logical. The longer people with bulimia have disturbances become increasingly embedded in the subconscious mind of the patient.

    There are ways you can see how the subconscious mind to work for yourself. The next time you burst in one of the kids or go for no apparent reason, just ask yourself whether it is logical. I'm sure you do not have the slightest idea why it happens, it is because it comes from your subconscious mind and not your logical mind.

    There's only one way you can really stop bulimia and it is through the subconscious mind where bulimia lives. It stayed there because it is programmed by the patient to be there for several months or even years as is the case with Mr Prescott.
    Bulimia in MenBulimia in MenBulimia in Men
    Bulimia in MenBulimia in MenBulimia in Men
    Bulimia in MenBulimia in MenBulimia in Men
    Bulimia in MenBulimia in MenBulimia in Men
    Bulimia in MenBulimia in Men

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Bulimia in Men

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