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Teach Your mind Treat Your Brain

    Did you know that by learning new things you actually change the structure of your own brain? Amazing ability of the human brain to change itself according to new experiences and new knowledge is called neuroplasticity.
    Teach Your mind Treat Your Brain

    Every time we learn something new we change the connection of neurons (brain cells) and even entire neural pathways. Every time we change our environment - we change the structure of the brain. Every time we change our behavior, we create significant changes in our brain.

    This change can be good, but could be bad too, it all depends on the nature of the experience, such as changing your environment, but most importantly our perception of the experience changes, plus the environment.

    Every event we experience can leave a permanent memory trace in our brain that alter brain structure.

    For example, a teenage girl who exposed pictures skinny celebrities can become dissatisfied with their own body image, and then develop an eating disorder. In this example he learned that the celebrity skinny is beautiful. Then it automatically creates a new negative experience for himself by comparing his own body with the body of a celebrity. He's not as skinny people on TV, so he became dissatisfied with himself. The end result of the mental-emotional processes are significant changes in the structure of nerves in his brain. Irrational thoughts into new neural pathways are damaged then responsible for her developing an eating disorder.

    Fortunately, all traumatic memories are not written in stone, or "engraved", remains unchanged forever. Fortunately we can change these structures damaged by subsequent events and re-write it, then convert it to a new thought process more constructive.

    All the experiences or events (such as dissatisfaction with oneself, emotional trauma, etc.) can take different meanings only later on in life and again we can learn to change the structure of the brain for the better. We can direct the changes in our brains to be better off using a process called "self-directed neuroplasticity". "Self-directed neuroplasticity" means re-transcription and change the underlying neural networks and related memories and emotions alone for yourself.

    People with eating disorders anxiety depression, and the like can help themselves to improve their own lives by using the "self-directed neuroplasticity" approach at every stage of the disease. Of course, if you have an eating disorder for 10 years or more will be more difficult to alter the brain so if you have it for 5 years, but this also depends on a lot of determination and desire for change.

    People who have the determination and desire to change can create positive emotions necessary for a change, and these emotions will help them to re-write the damaged neural pathways more quickly and easily. But if you resist change and lack of willpower then you will remain a patient with a damaged nerve pathways to get to the point you realize that you have to change. Or when you get to the point where it is more painful to remain with the disorder, rather than to change: this point is usually reached when the number of medical problems come from abuse of their bodies for years.

    The idea that the brain can change its own structure and function through new activities, new thoughts and behaviors are exceptional and bring a lot of hope for people with mental and emotional disorders. These include eating disorders, anxiety, depression, compulsive disorders, addictions and other problems related to stress.

    "Teach Your Mind Cure Your Brain" is a term that tells you a simple, if you learn to teach your mind a new positive things you can change the structure of your brain becomes better too. If you learn the right method then you can increase your brain and even cure of many disorders. It's really just up to you whether you stick with the old destructive thoughts or change to a new better: is it your choice?
    Teach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your Brain
    Teach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your Brain
    Teach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your Brain
    Teach Your mind Treat Your BrainTeach Your mind Treat Your Brain

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Teach Your mind Treat Your Brain

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